Create an environment where the strategy and process to originate new opportunities is the focus of growth for your organization.

The Opportunity Factory is a 3-level approach to turbocharge your company’s sales. The approach is rooted in the belief that a sales department should follow similar processes that result in finding and closing new growth opportunities for the organization.  Operations then becomes directly responsible for revenue growth through order fulfillment, product quality, and competitive pricing in order to drive repurchasing revenue.

Level 1 addresses basic salesperson management and compensation. Level 2 focuses on providing tools for the sales department that turn customers into product advocates.  Level 3 employs sales process engineering implementation, which turns The Opportunity Factory into a finely tuned machine.

While each level represents a different stage of complexity, you can decide on what level best fits your goals.

The Opportunity Factory – Level 1

Sales Department Management and Compensation

  • Build a Sales Operation Playbook (SOP)
  • New Opportunity and Growth Focused Compensation System
  • Level 3 Sales Process Engineering Introduction and Operations Sales Responsibility
  • The Power of Checklists
  • Customer Relation Management (CRM) Systems Introduction
  • Programs, Not Products!
  • Independent Sales Agency Alternatives
Customer relationship management

The Opportunity Factory – Level 2

“In order for an industrial organization to have the best chance of success, their customers must be product advocates.”

In Level 2, we will look at how an industrial organization can turn its customers into brand & product advocates

  • Mobile App Development
  • Strategic Event Planning
  • Learning Management System (LMS) Development
  • Augmented Reality Propositions for Retail Environments


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The Opportunity Factory – Level 3

“In the last 70 years of industrial advancement, the number of improvements in operations workflow and process has far outnumbered the changes in the management and structure of the sales function.”

Level 3 of The Opportunity Factory focuses on the sales production floor and introduces your company to sales process engineering. Reklogik designs better sales processes so your organization can build a fully resourced and scalable sales model that pursues and delivers new high-value opportunities. We address the fundamentals of building a scalable sales production floor with these concepts:

  • Centralization of Sales and Customer Service
  • Outbound Selling Team Strategy
  • Campaign Building that Creates Pipeline Growth
  • Removal of Non-sales Work From Salespeople

If you find that your sales organization is duplicating the efforts of inside personnel, and your salespeople are not spending enough time closing new opportunities, then engineering better sales processes is the right approach for your company.